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Silicone Fruit Feeder - Dusty Blue

Silicone Fruit Feeder - Dusty Blue

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Silicone Fruit Feeder

Approximate Measurements:  L:5.5cm x H:11cm x W:4cm.

Our chewy silicone feeders make it easy for your baby to chew, suckle and enjoy their favorite fruit and vegetables. 

By chewing on the silicone teat, it allows the food to pass through in small amounts for the baby to eat, reducing the risk of choking on large pieces of food.

Simply pull the top teat off the bottom handle and insert a small piece of food into the teat.  Thereafter push the bottom handle back into the teat part, ensuring that the feeder is completely sealed and locked into position before handing it to your baby.

Our silicone feeders come with a protective cap in order to seal and keep the food fresh.

Non-toxic and easy to clean with mild soap and water. 

Ensure that you check the product before and after each use for any damages or defects and dispose the product if any damages are found.

We advise not to leave any small children unattended with any of our products due to a choking risk.

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